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About Whats in Cairo

What’s in Cairo

Many of the people that have recently moved to Cairo or even who have lived in it for a while have a common concern which is knowing exactly What’s in Cairo in terms of restaurants, shops, gyms, events, new openings and other places that they need in order fulfil their essential and entertainment needs. We have created “What’s in Cairo” website in order to answer this question and provide the residents of Cairo and the people who are visiting Cairo an easy and fun way to get to know all about what’s available, what’s happening and what’s trending in Cairo.

What’s in Cairo Categories

What’s in Cairo has eight main categories which are Restaurants & Cafés, Events, Hot Deals, Entertainment & Shopping, Fitness & Beauty, For Kids, Essentials and Night Life. Each category has its subcategories where you can search according to different filters including location and type of outlet. For example, in the restaurants section you can search for a restaurant located specifically in New Cairo that serves Italian food.

What’s in Cairo Blog

What’s in Cairo also has a blog named “Experts Review”, where our expert authors visit various places in Cairo and write their objective review. We visit the stores/outlets as a mystery shopper and we go through the whole customer journey before writing our objective review of the whole experience. Our reviews usually include a small article explaining the experience encountered in addition to some pictures and a video.